Barnstorming through the Midwest!

Hubbard’s glider plane was a very fun and challenging build.  Before getting into the Scientology connection, I’d like to very briefly give you some specs and details on this set.

It measures 12.5″ from nose to tail and a 14″ wing span.  About 200 pieces +/- and took approximately 12hrs to complete including planning, finding/sorting bricks etc.  The back half and tail were the most challenging.  Without guidance from the directions for the beautiful Lego Sopwith Camel 3451 (of which I am a proud owner) I don’t think it would of turned out nearly as nice.  Thanks Lego!

Hubbard’s Guardian Angel, “The Empress”, is also a favorite of mine.  She includes elements from no less than 5 different minifigures!  Wings from Chima, torso/legs from the Egyptian Queen, head from the Kimono Girl, and hair from Red Harrington of the Lone Ranger StageCoach Escape set 79108, and the tarot card from the Fortune Teller.  That’s a lot of disparate elements to go into one minifig 🙂

Now onto the juicy cult stuff!

During Hubbard’s George Washington University days, instead of going to classes, such as nuclear physics, Hubbard liked to fly glider planes.  Hubbard and his cult like to say he was ” was a pioneer at the dawn of American aviation ” but in reality he was a hobbyist and a poor student who ended up dropping out after 2yrs.  Hubbard preferred instead to indulge in extra-curricular activities such as occult magick, fiction/adventure writing and flying glider planes.

Jon Atak, the preeminent Scientology historian and author of the groundbreaking book Piece of Blue Sky, has documented the numerous lies Hubbard and the Church of Scientology have espoused and promulgated concerning the life of L Ron Hubbard.  The link below is to a thorough but brief article by Jon Atak wherein he systematically debunks the myths of Hubbard’s biography set forth in a TV ad campaign the cult ran promoting Hubbard.  The aforementioned TV ad is also available in the article.  An excerpt from the relevant portion is below the link.

” ‘Flash’ Hubbard the ‘barnstorming’ pilot. He had a license for gliders. Not quite the dawn of aviation, though. This is after World War I, when there were a lot of returning pilots and a lot of planes were being off loaded, as military forces stood down all over the world for a few brief years. I feel that I must add a caution, I have come to see Hubbard as physically cowardly, so it is surprising that he would risk being aloft in a rig of wire, canvas and glue. And he proved how easy it is to create documents (including the forged check he tried to pass in San Luis Obispo as a young man). There is a photo of Hubbard wearing a row of medals. When analysed, he proves to be wearing medals that he did not receive, or even claim to have received. Prop photos are so easily made. He made them all his life. ”

What’s up with that angel on the wing of his plane you ask?  Details on the Guardian Angel and how Hubbard believed she saved his life as he was gliding can be found in the My Guardian Angel blog post here.

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