Babalon Working Sex Magick Ritual

Measuring 3″ H, 5″ L/W and approx 200+ pieces this set is small in size but packed with detail.  The build took about 10 hours including planning, digging, modifications etc.  It’s an early effort but still one of my favorites.  I couldn’t find what set the brain in the jar came from but it sitting atop the dish was a clever build involving a thin plastic rod allowing the dish to be held in place while upside down.  The shredded curtains are from the Dementors in the Harry Potter series.  I love how they look hanging in front of the red stained glass.  The shrunken head was also from a Harry Potter set.  HP always had awesome elements and colors, too bad that line is retired now.  My other favorite piece is the heart next to the shrunken head.  It’s actually Davy Jones’ heart from the Pirates of the Caribbean line.

Well, enough about my favorite elements.  The cast of characters includes L Ron Hubbard with the red hair and cape, Jack Parsons on the goat and Marjorie Cameron on the table.  Their names are all hyperlinked to the wiki article sections relevant to this set.  I will provide more links and a brief explanation below about what the set is depicting.  The goat doesn’t have a name and wasn’t there in real life but I think everything is funnier with goats.  And in case you are wondering, yes, the minifigs are all official Lego as are all elements in my models 🙂  I realize the nudity and sex may be out of the comfort zone of some viewers but hey, you’ve seen it and now you can’t unsee it!

This period in Hubbard’s life has been documented as early as 1968 by professional journalists and researchers who are much more capable writers than I.  For this reason, I will keep it short and sweet and let the links speak for themselves.  Very briefly,  Hubbard with his friend and occult partner, Jack Parsons, are performing a sex magick ritual designed to impregnate a “elemental”, Majorie Cameron, with the Anti-Christ.  This set depicts just one stage of the Babalon Working ritual and all participants took it very seriously.  I realize this sounds fantastic but there is so much documentation on this that the Church of Scientology can’t even deny that it took place!  Their answer (#15-17 within the linked article) – Hubbard was working as an undercover intelligence officer for the US Navy on a top secret mission to break up a black magick ring composed of nuclear scientists.  Right.

As shocking as all this seems it really is only the tip of the iceberg as it concerns Hubbard’s involvement in the occult and the heavy influence Hubbard’s occult beliefs had in creating and shaping Scientology.  Scholar Hugh Urban has meticulously researched and documented the influence of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema philosophy on Scientology.  The Village Voice did a very comprehensive article with Hugh Urban on his research here.  Unfortunately, because of the sensational nature of this subject matter there is a lot of misinformation and conspiracy theory nonsense on the internet about the occult connection to Scientology.  Thankfully, there are reliable sources for those inclined to reach for them.  Tony Ortega is the preeminent investigative journalist and author covering Scientology today.  At the 30:15 mark of this radio interview, Mr. Ortega begins to speak about Hubbard’s involvement with Parsons and the occult.  Lawrence Wright’s, Going Clear has an excellent recounting of this period in Hubbard’s life as does Jon Atak in Piece of Blue Sky.

It is worth noting that Jack Parsons is a fascinating character in his own right.  Founder of the Cal Tech JPL laboratory, rocket scientist before there was even such a field and devout occultist, Parsons’ led a remarkable life, even having a crater on the moon named after him.  It is no wonder that director Ridley Scott is developing a mini-series on Jack Parsons’ life based on George Pendle’s definitive biography, Strange Angel:  The Otherworldy Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons.

I hope you enjoyed the set and learned a little something in the process!

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