My Guardian Angel, the Empress

This might be my favorite Scientology minifigure ever.  It is Hubbard’s Guardian Angel.  Elements for her came from at least 5 different sources.  Wings are from Eris of the Chima series, face is Japanese Kimono woman , torso and body are Egyptian Queen, the Tarot card is from the Fortune Teller and finally the hair is Red Harrington from the Lone Ranger movie series.

Hubbard was a long time follower of British occultist Aleister Crowley.  Crowley’s system of Thelema magick taught that a true magician must be in touch with his Guardian Angel.  As you will see from the links and excerpts below Hubbard was indeed in touch with his Guardian Angel.  Hubbard spoke of her to friends and even wrote of her in his private writings.  This minifigure is based on Hubbard’s own descriptions of her in his private writings, The Affirmations.  The link below is to an article Jon Atak wrote on this subject.  The relevant portion is excerpted below.  Jon Atak tells of Arthur Burks, a writer friend of Hubbard’s, recounting a tale Hubbard told him of his gliding days.  According to Hubbard whenever he would get into trouble gliding, a beautiful “smiling” woman would appear on the wing of his plane and save his life.

” In the 1930’s, Hubbard became friendly with fellow adventure writer Arthur J. Burks. Burks described an encounter with “the Redhead” in his book Monitors. The text makes it clear that “the Redhead” is none other than Ron Hubbard. Burks said that when the Redhead had been flying gliders he would be saved from trouble by a “smiling woman” who would appear on the aircraft’s wing (16). Burk put forward the view that this was the Redhead’s “monitor” or guardian angel.

In 1945, Hubbard became involved with Crowley’s acolyte, Jack Parsons. Parsons wrote to Crowley that Hubbard had “described his angel as a beautiful winged women with red hair, whom he calls the Empress, and who had guided him through his life and saved him many times.” In the Crowleyite system, adherents seek contact with their “Holy Guardian Angel”. ”

For your convenience here is an excerpt from the portion of Hubbard’s Affirmations describing his Guardian Angel.

  • “Nothing can intervene between you and your Guardian. She cannot be displaced because she is too powerful. She does not control you. She advises you.”
  • “The most thrilling thing in your life is your love and consciousness of your Guardian.”
  • “She has copper red hair, long braids, a lovely Venusian face, a white gown belted with jade squares. She wears gold slippers.”
  • “You can talk with her and audibly hear her voice above all others.”
  • “You can do automatic writing whenever you wish. You do not care what comes out on the paper when your Guardian dictates.”[14]

What do you think?  Does the Empress minifigure get close to Hubbard’s description of her?


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