The Apollo

Here is L Ron Hubbard’s ship, the Apollo.  It is one of four ships in the small flotilla he commanded from 1967 to 1975.  50 hours and 2500 pieces is just a rough guesstimate on the build.  I am fairly happy with how it turned out, considering it was my biggest most complicated MOC to date.  I am less pleased with the quality of the pictures but only having an old iphone to take the pics and no real dedicated work space/lighting etc, it is what it is.

You’ll get a closer look at each part of the ship in the other posts under the Apollo category.  The various components of the ship are the settings for different scenarios inspired by true life events that took place on the ships.  The scenes depicted are an amalgam of people/events that took place on different ships/times.  Of course, everything is done with a healthy dose of artistic liberty and humor but the core concepts are all based on true events.

There are some truly horrifying, mind boggling recollections of the Apollo years by people who lived through them and worked closely with Hubbard himself.  Below are some links to resources that shed light on this fascinating, and often tragic, period of Scientology history.

Brief history of the Sea Org

Tony Ortega’s “Orders of the Day” series for the Village Voice

Ex-Scientologist and Captain of the Apollo, Hanna Eltringham


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