L Ron Hubbard’s Cabin


Welcome to L Ron Hubbard’s cabin.  You can see his writing desk with some witchy magickal writing he’s working on, the safe full of money and gold, his trunk full of drugs and then the old man himself lying drunk in bed on a pile of money.  The pink and grey dots are a reference to the drugs Hubbard described taking in letters home to his wife Mary Sue.  It is widely believed that the “secret” upper OT levels of Scientology with their self-exorcism of alien souls and wild space opera tales are a direct result of Hubbard’s drug abuse.  In fact, OTIV involves the exorcism of drug addled alien souls from one’s body.

The screenshot below is from a pdf copy of the book “Madman or Messiah” by Brent Corydon.  The full book is linked here.


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