Muster and Overboarding

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Here is Hubbard and his daughter Diana looking over their Sea Org crew at morning muster.  One poor crew member was found to have been lacking in their duties and was promptly thrown overboard as punishment.  Hubbard did actually institute this practice aboard his ships (it even continues to this day within the Sea Org!) but I have never seen any accounts of anyone being eaten by a mega-shark.

Below is a picture from Scientology’s own monthly publication called the Auditor.  This is from issue 41.



Here is a link to downloadable copies of The Auditor, including issue 41.

Bare-Faced Messiah by Russell Miller and Going Clear by Lawrence Wright are a few of the excellent and well researched books that describe the overboarding Hubbard subjected Scientologists to.  Elderly and young alike were thrown overboard, sometimes with hands and feet bound.  Here is a link to the order written by Hubbard describing how overboarding should be done.

Hana describing a crew member being overboarded




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