Peanut Race and Story Time

Here we see a crew member being punished by having to push a peanut around the deck of the ship with his nose.  The child watching in astonishment is his daughter.  Below is an excerpt of the first hand account of David Mayo, a former high level Scientology executive, who witnessed this horror show.  Link to the complete interview is here.


The last set of pictures is a scene of Hubbard regaling his crew with tales of his intergalactic past life adventures.  The crew would stay up late into the night passing around a bottle of rum while listening raptly to Hubbard’s amazing “true life” space opera tales.  Having seen Hubbard’s cruelty to her father, the child looks like she isn’t buying Hubbard’s story.  Here is Hana Eltringham’s recollection of such a scene.  Link to full article here.




Next Post: L Ron Hubbard’s Cabin






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