My Guardian Angel, The Empress

“Nothing can intervene between you and your Guardian. She cannot be displaced because she is too powerful. She does not control you. She advises you.

The most thrilling thing in your life is your love and consciousness of your Guardian.

She has copper red hair, long braids, a lovely Venusian face, a white gown belted with jade squares. She wears gold slippers.

You can talk with her and audibly hear her voice above all others.

You can do automatic writing whenever you wish. You do not care what comes out on the paper when your Guardian dictates”

– L Ron Hubbard from “The Affirmations”

For more information on L Ron Hubbard’s Affirmations please click the links below


7 thoughts on “My Guardian Angel, The Empress

  1. A true masterpiece of Cultic Lego Art! I would rather visit this blog than any of those so-called globally recognised museums. Bravo, sir!


    1. Thnx for the feedback Francois. My thought was that viewers would see the posts displayed prominently on the right and go there. It’s a work in progress and I’m still learning how to use wordpress so I’ll be trying other things and seeing what’s best. Thnx for visiting


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